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Reciprocal Clubs

The enjoyment and convenience of facilities for the Club Members do not end at The RSGC’s boundaries. When outstation or abroad, Members and their family would be able to catch up with their golf game and enjoy the clubbing facilities of over 80 reciprocal clubs spread across 27 countries or so, which RSGC has established reciprocal or affiliation arrangements with.

The reciprocity provides opportunities for our members to play at some of the best courses in the world under the reciprocal arrangement. The reciprocity has been built over the years and with some spanning over half a century. Members visit each other’s club as visiting reciprocal members and enjoy the facilities and warm hospitality of the host club during the duration of their visit.

As golf is a universal game, many avid golfers would always try to find a course to play whenever they travel.

Some would also travel wide and far to seek out the challenges and experience of playing on as many different courses as possible;

the world over.